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It's not finished until it's finished.

Every cabinet, door and drawer front is finished by hand using a patient blend of art and science. We begin with your selection of one of two time-tested finishes, either paint or stain. Both are beautiful, incredibly durable, and will stand up to years of daily use, sticky fingers or spilled milk. Then we apply your custom finish recipe, drawing from our limitless combinations of tints and dyes to create or match any color, shade and sheen. 


Custom Finishes in any Color under the sun

Bring Christiana Factory Studio a tile, we’ll match it. A door from an existing cabinet, we’ll match it. A swatch of fabric, a throw pillow, a china pattern—if it has color, we can match it.

Our finishes are also 100% free of toxic formaldehyde, free of isocyanates after just 10 minutes of curing, and are compliant with federal VOC guidelines for environmental impact.

Custom Standard Stains - Trending Colors

Whether your room requires a formula of specialty blended tints or a matching shade, the Standard Stain finish process includes a stain applied to the wood before a clear 30° sheen varnish is applied. Here is a small selection of our favorites.


Custom Paints - Your Starting Blocks  

How you finally pick a color is your business, but the certainty that your custom selection will last forever is ours. The Painted Finish process includes two coats of primer applied to the wood/MDF surface. The primer coats are sanded smooth and primed twice before adding a colored paint topcoat as the final coat. Here are some popular choices right now.

Cottage Finishes

The Cottage Finish process consists of a painted wood finish with a glaze applied. Minimal amounts of glaze are left to collect in the corners and edges.

Heirloom Finishes

The Heirloom finish process includes a stain finish with a glaze applied. Minimal amounts of the glaze are left to collect in the corners and edges.

Tavern Finishes

The Tavern Finish process consists of a stained wood finish with one or two layers of paint applied over top of the stained finish. The paint is sanded to allow the stained finish as well as different paint layers to appear on edges and areas of wear. The second color is added over top of the base color. Base color is seen by sanding through top color.

Glaze is applied but not entirely wiped clean. A limited amount of glaze is left to collect in the corners and edges of the doors and cabinetry to simulate aging. The finish look shows that the item had been stained and then painted.

Village Finishes

The Village Finish process includes a stain finish with a heavy glaze applied that is not entirely wiped clean. Large amounts of glaze are left to collect in the corners and edges. Glaze is also applied with a brush to give a striated look. This finish process gives the appearance that the item has been refinished.

International Metric Painted Finishes

International Metric Recon Veneers

International Metric Wood Grain Finishes