How We Work

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Call on the Expertise of the CFS Design Team

Your wish list for storage and activities for the room is where we begin - whether it's room for two sets of silverware or big, big family dinners. Working with a Christiana Factory Studio designer, we interpret your requests and needs to create a plan to accommodate today’s objectives along with those we anticipate together for the future. 

Our meticulous design process ensures not only that we've heard you, but that there will be no wasted space. Every appliance, and function for your room is included in the mechanics of the plan.  

Along the way, we will demonstrate the highest quality construction details of the cabinetry. Like dust covers, stable drawer boxes, interior lighting and custom colored finishes that will remain intact for the lifetime.

A mechanical drawing shows every detail and is approved before the first cuts are made in the factory. This document also demonstrates our commitment to efficiency for materials. With our software, we can plot a cut plan to get the greatest amount of components from the least amount of sheets of plywood, thereby conserving resources with each project.

Quality Plans Combine with Quality Materials

With your selections and needs in place, we take our organized paperwork to the factory floor. There we have gathered the best raw materials and machinery for construction. Along with responsibly sourced, formaldehyde-free plywood, American made components and unlimited, warrantied finish choices, we combine the best of automation and old school handiwork to build each cabinet case by case.

Equally Qualified Partners

Once the cabinetry leaves the factory, we have vetted each of the partners who will manage installation. Only our certified teams can assemble your CFS cabinetry.

We can say with great confidence that your cabinetry is carefully escorted through design, production, finish, assembly and installation.

Service.  Access.  Commitment.

We can proudly stand behind each facet of the cabinetry process. We have spent our lives evaluating and selecting only the best quality, responsibly harvested, safe materials.  We use the most efficient processes for production and offer clarity to see the difference.

We’re never finished until you’re completely happy with the results.