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Working with Christiana Cabinetry, we'll bring you innovative designs and practical workspaces.

The team at Christiana Factory Studio values the unique details of each job—from inspiration and design, through construction and installation. Every step in the drawing and selection process affects the timing and final outcome. Our team will support every decision along the way.

Let's get your project underway.


Joe Stauffer  |  Designer

Welcomed by Joe, your project is incorporated into the CFS family, which is quite literally, family. For Joe, cabinetry production is ingrained in his DNA, having grown up through several posts within the manufacturing facility as engineer, project manager and designer. His Applied Science and Mechanical Engineering studies ensure you’ll get the full benefit of his decades of experience in the details of your drawings, with all the heart of the company’s promises.



Dan Carpenter  |  Designer

Engineered by Dan, the mechanical drawings of your plan will meet the exacting production standards of the factory. You can explain your precise concept and rely on his capability and experience to see it through production. Then, a team of certified installers will install your finished cabinetry. Dan will ensure the final room is exactly what you’ve expected.



George Metzler  |  Partner

Guided by George, CFS acknowledges the builder’s side of your job. He knows each cabinetry project requires a distinct amount of access to the manufacturer’s expertise and capabilities to run smoothly. Builders, architects and homeowners get what they need through Christiana Factory Studio. Plug in through George with our team of designers—to work directly or to hire à la carte for final plans. The goal is efficiency, with as much (or as little) coaching and assistance as required.