New Found Space with New Purpose


Case Study

A country property often means each person has gear for multiple outdoor activities throughout the year.  The conversations at the beginning of the process guided the design and ensured we built exactly what was called for to improve this home.  

When this family of 4 with multiple pets was ready for their renovation- here’s proof that many specific wishes for the space were worked into the CFS plan.  

Drawings & Plans

Planning the renovation was a meticulous process of working in each of their storage requests, along with some of our own ideas, and determining the dimensions to get the most into the space. The CFS designers showed this family how each section of the room would look- and more importantly how it would work.

Custom cabinetry, built to your measurements ensures there will never be wasted space. 

Material Palette

Natural hard wood floors, white inset glass and solid cabinetry, black granite and polished chrome countertops), brushed hardware were all put into the design mix.

Here, what was once a standalone garage has been adjoined to the main house, offering a new everyday entrance and interior spaces to accommodate miscellaneous gear for the seasons. 


The key here was using cabinetry to create a new flow for their life. Imagine, everything sorted and stored neatly. A new mudroom and coatroom are situated inside a breezeway that links to a new kitchen. 

Each of these areas was carefully addressed in a collaborative process with the CFS designer.  If you're having trouble picturing what the outcome will look like, call on our experience to guide you.

We’re very proud of this home, and the way we were able to impact their life. In fact, right now this CFS project is being considered for a design award from a regional magazine.
— David Lindsay, Lindsay Construction, Inc.

The kitchen itself is full of dedicated spaces–in an open concept plan. The focal point is a new massive island designed for food prep and entertaining. Classic white inset cabinetry includes custom inserts, pullouts, and dividers to keep the room and its contents organized.  Pantry supplies and small appliances are shelved neatly behind double doors.

Then, with newly acquired space, we addressed the master suite upstairs. CFS added extensive clothing storage and dressing areas to connect the bedroom to the bath. Enclosed cabinetry combines with open shelving, integrated dressers, dedicated shoe cubbies and more to accommodate a couple's full wardrobe.

Bathed in natural light, the bath is richly organized with generous sink and counter space.  Paired with herringbone floor tile and a glass shower surround, the soaking tub is one of the family’s favorite features. From design through fabrication and installation, a great example of the way CFS is able to create new possibilities for your home.